Saturday, May 10, 2008

It is a real and historical fact that without the support and unconditional support of the Vatican and the Catholic Church is that Adolf Hitler would never have come to power nor ever had been established in Nazi Germany , nor had exterminated millions of innocent human beings in extermination camps across Germany and Poland.

Adolf Hitler ‘s rise to power in Germany is a chapter in the Catholic Church and the Vatican would like to erase that history but never can because millions of people murdered satanically are screaming from their gravesjustice! , And the will .

In May 1924 the German Nazi Party had 32 seats in the Reichstag, the German parliament , but in May 1928 was only 12 seats. However, in 1930 the great depression spread around the world, taking advantage of the situation , the Nazis were recovered significantly , as were 230 of the 608 seats in the German elections of July 1932. Soon after, the German former Chancellor Franz von Papen , ” Papal Knight ” came to the aid of the Nazis. According to some historians , Papen had the vision of a new Holy Roman Empire. His own short time in the position of chancellor had been a failure, so now expected to have power by the Nazis. By January 1933 he had achieved the masters of industry support to Hitler , and by cunning intrigues ensured that Hitler was German Chancellor declared the January 30, 1933 .

The same was made deputy minister, and Hitler used to gain the support of Catholic areas of Germany. Within two months after Hitler gained power dissolved parliament , sent thousands of opposition leaders to concentration camps and began a frank lobbying campaign against the Jews.

The July 20, 1933 the Vatican displayed his interest in the rising power of Nazism when Cardinal Pacelli (who later became Pope Pius XII) signed ‘ in Rome a concordat between the Vatican and Nazi Germany .

Von Papen signed the document as a representative of Hitler and Pacelli confirmed there Papen the high papal decoration of the Grand Cross of the Order of Pius .

In his book “Satan in Top Hat ” (Satan in Top Hat) Koeves Tibor writes about this: ” The Concordat was a huge victory for Hitler. Gave him the first moral support he received from the world , and the most exalted source ” . The concordat required the Vatican stop supporting the German Catholic Central game , and so he approved of her totalitarian state ” of one party of Hitler. Their article 14 made ​​it clear these points ” The appointment of archbishops , bishops, and clergy and people relaccionada similar to the Catholic Church the like , will be issued only after the governor installed by the Reich , is satisfied that there are proper questions regarding general Political points ” . By the end of 1933 ( Proclaimed ” Holy Year ” by Pope Pius XI) in support of the Vatican had become an important factor in Hitler’s push toward world domination .

The work of William L.Shirer Historica “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich ( the sudden and Fall of the Third Reich) Papen declared that” No German was more responsible than , Hitler’s rise to power. ” In January 1933 Von Scheliecher , former German Chancellor Papen said ” proved to be a traitor of such ilk as beside Judas Iscariot was a saint .”

Although a few priests and nuns , individually , protested against the atrocities of Hitler and suffered in the concentration camps for his stance against the German state and against the Vatican and the Catholic Church and his army of clerics called for active support and tazito a Nazi tyranny , which for them was a balbuarte fight against world communism . Comfortable in the Vatican , Pope Pius XII made ​​without lifting a finger or make the slightest heed these reviews, and brutally exterminated dejo’que is satanically , millions of Jewish men, women and children tortured and gassed exterminated in the death camps and many more killings and cruel persecution of political opponents, against communists , Gypsies , Jehovah’s Witnesses , homosexuals, women and children with physical deformities , people suspected of espionage or opposition to the Nazi regime , and millions of people exterminated in the fighting and bombing during World War II by Nazi troops , without the Vatican nor the clergy of the Catholic Church did not mention any opposition , except continue congratulations and praises Hitler and the national Socialist regime , hanging on the walls of churches Nazi swastika flags and playing for hours continuous bells when he was successful in their fighting Hitler and his Nazi army across Europe and Africa.

It is significant and ironic that one of Dad visits John Paul II Germany in May 1987 . Glorify Nazi stance a sincere priest (who died in concentration camps for opposing the Nazi regime and the Catholic Church ) and yet the question is What did the other hundreds of thousands of German clergy during the reign of terror Hitler ? .
Llevavan German soldiers in the belt buckles of their uniforms this text “God with us ” advised by the Catholic Church , but the truth is that it was Satan who was with them.

A pastoral letter issued by the German Catholic bishops in September 1939 , the beginning of the Second World War , sheds light on this point. It says, in part: “In this decisive urge our Catholic soldiers to do their duty in obedience to the Leader and be willing to sacrifice his whole individuality. We call the Faithful to join in fervent prayers to Divine Providence lead this war to blessed success . ”

At the same time in North America , the Catholic clergy as directed by the Vatican and Catholics harangued soldiers to fight and support Adolf Hitler and German National Socialism .

In an American newspaper The New York Times the day December 7, 1941 stated the following regarding the Vatican imposed a Nazi Adolf Hitler.

” Prayer Belica by the Reich ”

” Fulda Bishops ask Catholics of blessing and victory. The German Catholic Bishops Conference meeting in Fulda has recommended introcuzca a ‘ prayer belica ” special to be read to the beginning and end of every prayer begs divinos.La services Providence to bless with Vistoria German weapons and grant protection to the life and health of all bishops soldados.Los also gave the Catholic clergy the instruction to keep an observance and remember a particular Sunday sermon at least once a month German soldiers ” on land sea and air.”

This item was removed from later editions of the newspaper . ‘s December 17, 1941 that fue’el day in that Japan , an ally of Nazi Germany, ataco’a the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor.

The end result of the Vatican and Hitler concordat the extermination of millions of innocent people , a second world war that killed more than 100 million people between the military and thousands of men women and children around the world, most of Germany destroyed or attacks and bombings sea ​​half a million German prisoners of which more than half died in Siberia and never returned home , German and entire armies was divided by Russians, Americans, British, Dutch , and French , and took decades to overcome the hunger and poverty crises result of the Second World War and until the 90s Germany did not recover their freedom and independence.

Besides all that the Vatican after WWII continuously supported hundreds of thousands of Nazi mass murderers Germans and Croats making immense fortunes sweat again with killings and the money stolen from the Jews , selling fake passports to Vatican flee to South America in return for stealing tons of gold to the Jews of Europe , which was kept and stored in Swiss banks on behalf of various Nazi leaders Odessa organization .

Throughout its history the Vatican has been responsible and guilty of the most atrocious massacres ever conceived by the human mind , the horrendous cross where literally poured rivers of blood , torture and heinous killings of ” Satan” Inquisition , and constant and continuous support all most heinous dictators and mass murderers has given mankind and the rape and killings often clergymen demonic worldwide , hundreds of thousands of children raped and murdered in the most cruel, demonic than human mind can conceive and in some cases after they have been raped and murdered and buried in the basement tunnels of monasteries and convents.

All these millions of men women and children killed raped and tortured by the Catholic Church and the Vatican for centuries wars are screaming from their graves! Revenge ! And have in abundance in this end time .


Alberto Canosa

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