Sunday, May 4, 2008

For centuries it has made an estimate of the ” SATAN ” Catholic Inquisition tortured !Sadistically ! Over 7 million women , many girls , for these offenses : For being too pretty , not to go to Mass or rosaries , to collect herbs for cooking, for denouncing pedofilias of priests who raped children , not to allow the village priest raped her for any envious neighbor complaint for attempting to change religion, to read the Bible , to hear truths against the clergy and the Vatican , even for having warts or pimples , or for wanting to study and have culture.

Among the tortures suffered by these poor women to make him sign a paper that said they had made ​​a pact with the devil or Satan had slept with , were:

Crushing the breasts with hot irons , cut off the nose , crush the fingers and feet, burn the breasts and vagina , take your eyes , make him drink water to burst her belly , sit her in a chair of iron and heating it to burn alive , crushing his head with a screw press machine , hang it on your fingers or hair to pull them out , and more torture aberrant nor demons themselves could have imagined .

When they signed the paper they wanted, it was found on the public squares of the villages and towns in a cart through the shouts and insults of the people and the populace esaltados by clergy, bound her to a stake and burned alive by witch.

After millions crimes of this kind , after violations of millions of children killing many of them, after push people to the most atrocious wars ever conceived , there has been no human way to judge and imprison this colony of demons, and up to the current day in the middle of a ” secular democracy ” must be paid with the money of all the Spanish , ” whether or not Catholics ” , are Muslims , Buddhists, atheists , communists, sadistic sexual deviants , satanic sects mienbros , terrorists, mass murderers , pedophiles murderers of children , marriages homoxesuales , drug dealers , minebros of over three thousand different religions of the earth , or money from Satan himself if he were a human body on earth , to feed miserable colony parasites pedophiles and priests of Satan .


Alberto Canosa

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